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 Medical Students, Residents & Fellowship Placement Opportunities


Acceptance of visiting electives and fellowships at Trillium Health Partners is dependent on available capacity.

Medical Students

Medical students interested in electives at Trillium Health Partners need to apply via the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) Student Portal to connect through the University of Toronto electives process.  AFMC is a bilingual information hub and centralized application service for visiting electives for all Canadian faculties of medicine. 

Medical students requesting a selective experience at Trillium Health Partners must receive approval from a supervising physician and be registered through the Education Office. At this time, we only accept selective placements from the University of Toronto.


All residents interested in arranging an elective with Trillium Health Partners must find a hospital physician to act as their supervisor during the elective. Once a supervisor is identified, residents are required to register with the University of Toronto Postgraduate Office and with the Education Office​. All interested residents are responsible for checking with the appropriate University of Toronto department to determine timelines for registration.

Clinical Fellowship Opportunities
Fore more information on fellowship opportunities please visit the University of Toronto’s fellowship application process.