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Nursing Graduate Guarantee (NGG)

Trillium Health Partners is a proud participant in the Nursing Graduate Guarantee Initiative (NGG).

The Nursing Graduate Guarantee (NGG) is a program funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Through this initiative, Trillium Health Partners supports new Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses by providing them with a full-time employment opportunity, above staffing complement. This improves their transition into practice, and into full-time employment.

The NGG Program at Trillium Health Partner’s consists of:

  1. THP Nursing and interprofessional orientation learning modules to support comprehensive understanding of THP Standards and Policies
  2. A competency based learning pathway and learning plan to support the nurse’s learning needs
  3. 12 weeks preceptored shifts for unit(s) specific to NGG hire, to support the transition of the new graduate into practice
  4. Maintain regular check-ins and mentorship with the Clinical Educator

Are you interested in applying to this exciting initiative with Trillium Health Partners? To get started you will need to confirm your eligibility for the program, which you can find by clicking on the ministry website here.

Upon confirming eligibility, to be considered for current THP Nursing Graduate Guarantee postings, applicants must apply on the NGG Portal by visiting

Have you completed a clinical placement with Trillium Health Partners? If you have, please connect with the unit manager or Human Resources to discuss your potential candidacy for the New Graduate Guarantee. Please note that you will still need to apply through the NGG Portal.

Testimonial from CRT RPN – Javaria Hashmi

I started off working with THP through the NGG program and I am happy to say that I now work at Credit Valley Hospital in a full-time position with CRT! Throughout a 3 month period I learned a great deal, including the newly implemented Epic system. The program granted me the time to put my learnings into practice and I had the support and guidance of my team and mentor. I felt comfortable through the whole process as my mentor, my clinical educators and coordinators were in in constant communication, always checking in and tailoring my learning needs. I was never rushed into taking a full patient workload or for handling more than I could take. As a new grad and this being my first ever job, I was able to master my critical skills, guiding me into an independent practice.

With the NGG program and my amazing team at THP, I was able to successfully transition into my full-time role, feeling prepared to start practicing on my own!