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 Clinical Extern Program

Trillium Health Partners is currently offering the opportunity for Clinical Externs to join our organization.

The Clinical Extern position is viewed as a transitional role, whereby students develop clinical expertise, specialty knowledge and self-confidence. Externships also allow students to become immersed in the hospital setting, building on their communication and inter professional collaboration skills. As a result of this program Clinical Externs become excellent candidates for future recruitment.

Currently, Trillium Health Partners is able to consider Clinical Externs as either:

  • BScN/BN students in their 2-4th year of studies.
  • Practical nursing student in their final year of study.
  • Undergraduate Medical student in their final year of study
  • Respiratory Therapy Students in their 2-3rd year of studies
  • Paramedic Students in their 2nd year of studies

Externs are employed by Trillium Health Partners as unregulated health care providers, and provide care to patients and their families. They will work in collaboration with healthcare team under the supervision of an appointed regulated healthcare professional.

Clinical Extern Application Process FAQs

When is the application deadline?

Application review will begin on January 20, 2021. However, the posting will stay open until all positions have been filled. If the posting is still live, we’re still accepting applications!

When is the start date for this role?

THP is looking for individuals with immediate availability (within 2 weeks of offer).

When is the contract end date for this current intake?

Most contracts will expire June 30, 2021.

What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will I be provided with?

Externs will be provided with the same access to PPE as other clinical staff working with patients. This includes: masks, face shields, gowns and gloves. Details regarding required items will be reviewed in orientation and at the local (unit) level.

Can I work as an Extern while attending placement?

In many instances, students can work for a health service provider and attend clinical placements, however, please check with your school for confirmation.

What if I am on placement OR work in a long-term care (LTC) home or retirement home (RH)?

You may not be able to work as an Extern while attending placement in order to comply with Ontario Regulations 146/20 (LTC) and 158/20 (RH), which limit employees/students/trainees of these settings from working with other health service providers.

What happens if the clinical area I am assigned to goes into outbreak?

In most situations, you may continue to work on the unit in the event of a COVID‐19 outbreak as long as you have no symptoms of COVID‐19. If you are deemed by Occupational Health and Safety to have had a significant exposure to COVID‐19, you may be required to self-isolate for 14 days. Please remember to wear a mask and eye protection for every patient encounter to minimize your risk of exposure. Please follow instructions below if you also work or attend placement on other units or attend placement at another facility.

What happens if an outbreak is declared on the unit where I work and I am currently in a clinical placement?

You will need to inform your school immediately. Student placements will be reassessed by both your school and the organization where you are assigned, and must be cleared by both before you can return to placement. You may be required to miss clinical placement time as a result of exposure and/or you may not attend placement at either location for a designated time period, depending on the type of outbreak, or until the outbreak is declared over, whichever is earliest.

What happens if an outbreak is declared on the unit/area I am at for clinical placement and I work as an Extern?

You will need to inform the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) office immediately. OHS will assess your situation and you must be cleared by them before you can return to work.

Further questions? Please contact Hina Gauhar ( Recruiter for Clinical Externs.