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New Website Designed for Patients

Media Release
Trillium Health Partners Launches New Website Designed for Patients
Part of the Hospital's New Strategic Plan and Approach to Health Care
Mississauga/West Toronto (November 30, 2012) – Trillium Health Partners (formerly The Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre) launched a new website today in conjunction with the release of the hospital's new strategic plan, name and logo.  The website is designed around patients, with user-friendly features and navigation based on the needs of patients, their families and the community.
"This is an exciting step forward in implementing our new strategic plan, which envisions a new kind of health care completely organized around the patient," said Alan Torrie, Board Chair, Trillium Health Partners. "The website is one of the most important touch points for our patients and our community. On our new website, patients will find it easy to get to the information they need through categories such as, "I have a clinic appointment" or "I need to find a doctor". Furthermore, the availability of Google Translate on the site means that patients can get the information they need in any one of the 55 languages that are spoken across this community."
The new website was shaped - as was the Strategic Plan - by input received from over 23,000 patients, families, physicians, staff, volunteers, and community members during extensive community engagement conducted by the hospital. "We heard very clearly that we need to work in partnership across the system to organize services around patient needs, and transform the system to make it easier to access services," said Michelle DiEmanuele, President and CEO.
"We also heard that we need to work together - both within the hospital and across the system - to use our resources as wisely and efficiently as we can while delivering outstanding quality care," said DiEmanuele, "We have made this the driving force behind our new Strategic Plan. In an environment of increasing demand and limited resources, we can best achieve our goals of quality, access and sustainability by working in a coordinated way across the system."


To achieve quality, access, sustainability and the vision of a complete system of care, the hospital's Strategic Plan focuses on three priorities:
  • Highest Quality Care, Exceptional Experience – The priority is for highly qualified interdisciplinary teams to deliver quality care while providing a seamless, exceptional experience for everyone who walks through the hospital's doors.  That means creating or adopting best practices in all services and increasing communication and coordination with other health care providers to reduce confusion for patients. It means not just high quality treatment, but a complete approach to care.
  • Right Care, Right Place, Right Time – The priority here is to improve the way transitions are made into and out of the hospital and create a system that provides the best care where and when it is needed. No one organization can meet all the needs of the community. Trillium Health Partners will need to work in partnership with other providers to address the many demands on the system.
  • Research, Innovation & Education – Trillium Health Partners strives to be an organization that is dedicated to learning and discovery. Research that bridges gaps and contributes to a complete process of care, together with a new academic mandate of interprofessional education, will translate into better quality care and better patient outcomes.
Along with the new strategic plan, the new name and logo for the hospital were also released publicly today. "We knew we needed a name that would represent both our deep historical roots in this community and the idea that we are moving forward into a different kind of future, together as one organization," said Mr. Torrie. "We also wanted to reinforce the idea of partnership and collaboration, which are at the heart of our identity and are critical to achieving our strategic plan. We think the name Trillium Health Partners brings us together as we work toward one complete system of care."


Trillium symbolizes a provincial focus signalling that the organization's vision extends beyond its walls. A spring flower, the trillium suggests hope and renewal. The three petals are separate, yet connected, illustrating how the various sites and services work as one to deliver outstanding care.

Health Partners represents working together and partnering for the future – with patients, family members and other providers - keeping the community healthy, at every stage of life.
The site names work with the overarching name and logo, and in this regard, the hospital is also restoring the names of the Mississauga Hospital, at 100 Queensway West, and the Queensway Health Centre, at 150 Sherway Drive. The Credit Valley Hospital will continue to be used as the name for the hospital site at 2200 Eglinton Avenue West. "We heard from our community that these are the names that are commonly used and that our community finds most familiar," said DiEmanuele. "This is consistent with our emphasis on clarity of services and the ease of navigation between the three sites in order to make things easier for our patients; the same emphasis that is reflected in our new website."
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About Trillium Health Partners
Trillium Health Partners (formerly The Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre) is the largest community hospital in the province, serving Mississauga, West Toronto and the surrounding communities. It has a teaching affiliation with the Mississauga Academy of Medicine at the University of Toronto Mississauga.
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