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 THP & Heart House Hospice announce location of new health centre

Partnership will mean first residential hospice in the city of Mississauga

Artistic rendering of the future health centre

Trillium Health Partners (THP) and Heart House Hospice (HHH) have announced the location of a new health centre that will improve access to long-term and hospice palliative care for the people of Mississauga.

Through this partnership, the future development will feature a 220-bed long-term care home, and a hospice centre that includes 10 residential beds and expanded space for community-based programs.

Located at 2210 Speakman Drive in the Sheridan Park Corporate Centre, the new health centre is designed to ensure the people of Mississauga can access the health services they need, in the most appropriate place, and within their own community. This development will include the first residential hospice in Mississauga.

What does this mean for patients & the community of Mississauga?

At Trillium Health Partners, we believe in the power of partnership to deliver the best outcomes, and provide the best possible care to the community. We are thrilled to partner with Heart House Hospice to build a wider community of care for the people of Mississauga, by extending a network of services out into the community.

The new health centre will build on the expertise of both partners to address the region’s long-term care and capacity challenges, limited access to hospice care and support better health for all. Working in partnership with Heart House Hospice, this development will provide patients and the community access to the health care services they need, in the most appropriate place, and within their own community.

When will the new health centre open?

This project is a multi-year initiative and will be developed in phases. Details on timing will be shared over the coming months as we continue to evolve the planning stages of this project.

The initial phase includes the development of a long-term care home and hospice centre. The LTC home will feature seniors’-friendly resident design, virtual care and services such as dementia care and short-stay beds that will help transition patients out of hospital to receive care in the most appropriate place. The hospice centre will feature 10 residential suites, as well as expanded space for day programs, children’s programs and counselling services. Future phases will be developed to deliver services that people need to stay well in the community, including seniors’ day programs, family and specialist physician offices and independent living supports.

This project is possible due to the support of the provincial government, and working in close partnership with the City of Mississauga. It is an example of how we are working together differently to create a new kind of health care for a healthier community.

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How can I find out more about the project?

THP and Heart House Hospice will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the new health centre reflects the needs and of the community for years to come. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to get involved!

Artistic rendering of the future health centre