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 Having your baby at the Mississauga Hospital site


Mississauga Hospital's Birthing Services include the following units/departments:

  • Birthing Suites: provides care throughout labour, birth and the postpartum period (right after birth)
  • Obstetrics Unit: comprehensive care and education for our moms and their families right after your baby is born
  • Postnatal Service Department: breastfeeding support and follow-up care for baby and you after being discharged
  • Labour Assessment Unit (LAU): If you are more than 20 weeks pregnant and:

    • Have concerns about your pregnancy (see Coming to the Hospital page)
    • Think you are in preterm or early labour (less than 37 weeks)
      Go to the Labour Assessment Unit located on the 3rd floor using Elevator D 
    • If you are less than 20 weeks pregnant and have concerns about your pregnancy please go to the emergency department.

Trillium Health Partners’ Mississauga Hospital site is dedicated to providing you, your baby, and your family, the best quality of care.

How to register for the birth of your baby

You will need to complete the following form to register for your birth at the hospital

  • In-patient registration form found in the envelope given to you by your doctor/midwife.
  • Please complete both sides as soon as you receive it and return it to your doctor/midwife’s office.
    This information will be sent to the hospital to register you for your baby’s birth.
    Please ensure that the form is complete. Missing information will cause a delay in your admission as we require this before you receive care.

  • “Wishes For Your Baby’s Birth and Hospital Stay”
  • This gives you the opportunity to tell the staff that will be caring for you something about yourself. The purpose is to encourage communication between you and your care providers.
    Please bring this form with you when you come to the hospital.

Birthing Suites

The Birthing Suites at Mississauga Hospital has 12 labour rooms, 2 operating rooms, and 1 recovery room. We have a labour lounge where mothers and partners can rest in comfortable chairs, use our birthing balls, or just relax while in early in labour.
The Birthing Suite is located on the third floor just off of elevator D.

to get to Birthing Suite in the Mississauga hospital building, follow this sign: 3D Birthing Suite - Elevator D Third floor - and follow arrows on the sign. 

Birthing Suites Rooms

We encourage labouring mothers to have support persons with them at all times, including doulas, spouses or partners. Other support people are welcome to be with you upon your request. They may be asked to leave the room if you or your baby(s) require immediate medical attention and the staff feel they are unable to properly care for you because there are too many people in the room.

There is a telephone in each room, and cell phones are permitted. To promote privacy for you and other mothers in labour, we suggest you only bring to the hospital, the people you want to support you through your labour. Your support person may use the phone in your birthing room to contact other friends and family with the news.

Cameras are welcome into the birthing rooms. You may also use a hand-held, battery operated video camera if you have the permission of all staff in the room. Videotaping is not permitted at the time of birth, or during caesarean birth, forceps, vacuum, breech or during emergency procedures. Please also refrain from videotaping in the hallways.

Birthing Suite Room Above: Birthing Suite Room
(click for enlarged image)

Obstetrics Unit

The Obstetrical Unit at Mississauga Hospital is a 32-bed unit located on the third floor, just next to elevator C.

We provide care to pregnant mothers who require hospitalization prior to the birth as well as after the delivery. We pride ourselves on being family-centered and we try our best to ensure that we meet needs of our mothers, babies and their families.

Obstetric Unit Rooms

We offer:

  • 10 private rooms
  • 5 semi-private rooms
  • 3 ward rooms
Semi-private Room Above: Semi-private room
(click for enlarged image)
Private room

Above: Private Room
(click for enlarged image)

We try our best to accommodate room requests. If a room request is not available immediately after delivery, a process is in place to transfer our mothers and babies to their preferred room as it becomes available.

Hospital visiting hours are 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Patients are welcome to invite someone to stay overnight if they are in a private room. In a semi-private or ward room, someone may stay past hospital visiting hours, if mutually agreed upon by the other mothers and partner sharing the room.

Below is a list of number of careproviders to support your birth:

Obstetrician Office Number
Dr Dalip Bhangu 416-626-7250
Dr Kelly Chu 905-268-9928
Dr Catherine Cowal 905-268-9928
Dr Marianne Duemler 905-268-9928
Dr Ronnie Hakim 905-896-3443
Dr Kendra Newell 905-268-9928
Dr Kimberly Rogers 905-268-9928
Dr Peter Sheufler 905-896-1244
Dr Richard Stein 905-268-9928

Family Doctors who deliver babies Office Number
Dr Monica Sethi  905-272-9900
Dr Francis Cousins 905-272-9900
Dr Richard Chen 905-507-1112

Midwifery Care Office Number
East Mississauga Midwives 905-232-5455
Midwives of Mississauga 905-569-9995

Postnatal Services

We provide jaundice screening for baby, staple removal after Caesarean birth and assistance with breastfeeding and follow up infant and mother care in partnership with peel Public Health.

To book an appointment please call ​905-848-7673.