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Chantel’s Place

About Chantel’s Place

Chantel's Place was opened in November 1998 in partnership with the Peel Regional Police and with the generous donations of many community members and organizations. It is considered a model of service throughout Ontario's 37 hospital-based programs and it is funded through the Ministry of Health and Long-Term care.

It is a private; secure area that provides a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence irrespective of gender, age, and ethnicity.

Comfortable chairs, soft lighting and warm colors create a welcoming waiting room for survivors. A separate child's room with a television, a computer and lots of toys create a comforting atmosphere for children.

The Examination Room is equipped with a screen for photographing injuries, forensic tools, and a privacy screen for survivors who require the support of an interpreter.

If a survivor wishes to involve police, a separate Interview Room is available to use once the medical examination has taken place. To reduce the stress of visiting a police station, the room is set-up to videotape statements.

For more information about Chantel's Place, please call 905-848-7580 ext. 2548.

Our Location/Contact Us

Chantel’s Place
Mississauga Hospital Site
100 Queensway West, Mississauga L5B 1B8
Chantel’s Place: (905) 848 - 7580 ext. 2548
Counselling Service: (905) 848 - 7689

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Waiting Room

Interview Room

Examination Room

Children’s Room