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 About the LTC Homes

  • With capacity for 320 and 312 beds respectively, the two new long-term care homes will help address capacity issues within Ontario’s health and long-term care system, while providing a modern, comfortable and safe place for seniors in our community to call home.
  • The builds will meet the latest standards for long-term care home design, including private bedrooms or private bedrooms with shared washrooms, lounge areas, dining rooms and terraces, enhancements to HVAC including capability for 100% fresh air supply. 
  • 16-unit dialysis space that is offered to long-term care residents as well as community outpatients.
  • The long-term care homes will also include much needed behaviour support units to provide the appropriate personal space, environment and amenities for residents with responsive behaviours associated with dementia. These units will support better resident care and improved safety for residents and staff.
  • An Adult Day Program will provide support and supervised programming in a group setting to at-risk older adults. This program will help maintain functional status of seniors and is a key family caregiver support that has been shown to delay or prevent admission to long-term care and hospital.
  • The long-term care homes will be part of the new health centre that will function as an interconnected community for seniors and caregivers, providing a broad range of services and programs that meet the needs of those it serves.
  • Virtual models of care will be used to connect the homes’ primary care model to hospital specialists in the homes – increasing the quality of resident care.

The long-term care homes are part of the Ontario Government’s Accelerated Build Pilot Program, which aims to deliver new long-term care homes years sooner than traditional development projects through the use of hospital-owned land, rapid procurement and modular construction.